Tuesday, December 1, 2009

TOP TEN Excuses Given by WH Dinner Crashers to the Secret Service

10. It's raining out and P.F. Chang's is packed!
9. My husband has an Indian-Sounding name.
8. We've been lobbying Oliver Stone to do a new JFK movie where the Secret Service are the heroes.
7. Is this where the free Thanksgiving Dinners are?
6. Katie Couric and I are both ex-Redskin cheerleaders.
5. We're originally from Scranton, PA and Wilmington, DE and Joe said it'd be alright.
4. We are the God Parents of 'Balloon Boy'
3. Dick Cheney dared us!
2. Rahm Emanuel decided to drop Blagojevich and invited us instead.
1. We donated a Crap Load of money to that SEIU president guy!

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