Thursday, January 7, 2010

Auto Bailout and 'Free' Advertising

PRESIDENT OBAMA: I propose a tax on all 'Cadillac' health insurance plans.

Toyota, Honda, Porsche and even Volkswagen are none too happy. Barack Obama, Congress and countless other pundits are quick to mention or quip about the so-called "Cadillac' health care plans that many citizens have, notwithstanding Congress and Unions alike.

Why not call them 'Lexus' plans...'Acura' plans...or 'Porsche' plans. Heck, even Hyundai has a segment-winning luxury car named 'Genesis.' Why not Hyundai?

So, for all of the UAW, SEIU and other labor-loving groups out there - you're getting some darn good free advertising.

I think the 'Cadillac' moniker was a political gift from the earlier pro 'Card-Check' gang for giving up on some of the possible benefits from the Employee Free Choice Act bill - H.R. 1409 and S. 560.

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